Becoming an online freelance telecom consultant

The same goes for the position of online freelance telecom consultant. Why limit yourself to local companies when you can choose away?

Telecom engineers are in high demand. They have always been and they will always remain. Telecom engineering jobs are, on top of that, among the best paid ones out there. No further elaboration is needed, we believe. It should be enough to casually browse the offer to grasp the extent of opportunities.

What is consulting engineering?
Simply put, consulting engineers provide independent engineering expertise. The term covers a wide area of fields, as engineering branches are numerous. In fact, consulting engineers come from virtually every specialty. Normally, they work within a team, making sure that services are promptly delivered to the client. The actual roles may vary greatly, depending on the type of company in question. I.e., a consulting engineer may be required to fulfill technical roles and coordinate or even manage projects. More often than not, it is the combination of all these roles that is needed. Consulting engineers frequently coordinate the activities of other team members.

independent engineering consultant
Engineers vs. technologists
While the role of an engineer is clear, that is usually not the case with the role of a technologist. To an extent, that is understandable, as the distinction may appear slight in some cases, as both professions encompass similar sets of skills.

Technologists are responsible for the implementation of the engineering-related technologies. Technologists work closely with engineers to that end, and are usually under their direction.
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